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      You might notice that I don’t sell anything
      there are no page views, no Clickthrough’s, no marketing.
      The marketing cocksuckers that prey on the stupid to make a living with the hopes of being rich are just as stupid as their clients

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    1. Hi John,
      You are one dumb nigger, and the only reason you exist is your greed and the enormous amount of pissbrain idiots on the internet.
      may you die of the next scary pandemic or Ebola

  3. I had a little known procedure where they replaced my brain with a silicone dildo
    I can lick my own balls and my thought process is so simple it’s non existent.

    1. sounds pretty sick and perverted, We wonder what other ways your fucked up, are you obese?, do you have gerbils up your ass now? You must be a idiot because the #1 rule is “no porn” you impotent cocksucker. so fuck off

    1. Mike I don’t need to buy my success because I’m on a mission from GOD
      and I have been charged with the task of questioning and disposal of the marketing pedophiles.
      So I have to ask you Mike,Did you ever look at a young boy and feel funny? Sorry but it’s my job, you understand I know you do

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