Things I have noticed

Black people have continued to wear masks ?

not sure why but seems to be an identify thing

scare healthcare is losing ground

people are wondering WHERE IS Anthony Fauci ?

Pharma is talking booster shots ( at a cost)

“Of course we can save you FOR A PRICE”

How about a statue of David Berkowitz next to George Floyd

The thing I find funny is that the government is trying to divide the people, but is dividing itself.

the dangerous side effects are far outweighed by the shareholders dividends


    1. Sorry to hear about your dick problems, In my opinion as a healthscare expert you need to have your dick removed and sent out for repairs, it takes only a few months. recovery times vary and the CDC guidelines to avoid using your dick for 36 months but feel free to suck dicks or squeal like a pig if you need sex

    1. The propane fired crucifix is perfect for small yards it’s even EPA approved. The perfect accessory for any rally and with the patented child guard you can let the kids cook marshmallows without setting their robes on fire

    1. I had similar issues till I identified as a black female sumo wrestler. It has worked out well for me, but I think I am starting my period

    1. Yes I hate lawyers and politicians and their political pandemic is just an exercise in separating people. Most Fatheads buy their crap and ‘Duck and cover’ They now have another reason to disperse or arrest people over a bullshit cause

    1. I Really would like if you aliens would post in an understandable to humans language
      This is the last time I’m going to help you.
      oyJtSirecKlVNn = Crotch crickets, nuns, and “can I see your passport”

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