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It could be called functional medicine but it is just health

It has been a year since I quit taking my prescribed “MEDS”, and all supplements. I was told I would have a stroke, heart attack, go blind, lose a leg, ,,etc by the Health-scare industry.

But so far the side effects are;

  • I lost 20 lbs.
  • Equilibrium is restored
  • Brain fog dissapeared
  • Saved over $300 a month in prescriptions and supplements

The bad side effects are;

  • I have energy when I wake up
  • I have $300 party cash for drugs and alcohol.
  • I get horny

I realized that the Health-scare industry had no intentions to cure you, and the products and services they offered was not for health or humanity but for the profit of the share-holders.

I started to wonder where and when humans became incapable of health without the guidance of the Health-scare industry or the Senators from Pfizer, Astra-Seneca, Purdue. When seems to be the 1970’s with looking for a cure for heart disease, and cancer. The point that was ‘Overlooked’ was that most people smoked, they even had cigarette machines in hospitals, and most homes had more ashtrays than people. ^The entire study was funded by a grant from R.J. Reynolds and the results are still their property.

The marketing companies decided to make cholesterol the cause and have the GOV put eggs, natural fats and sugars on the ‘eat and die’ list.

According to our research, the average retail cost of statins used to treat moderate cases of high cholesterol is $139.29 for generic medications and $360.43 for brand name statins.

FDA adds diabetes, memory loss warnings to statins

Current research has shown that cholesterol, not only is essential for body functions but is a critical component of vascular healing.

It is becoming quite clear that somewhere “for the people” turned to “for the shareholders”.

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