Credit score is just bank scam to bleed more interest from the loans you made to buy shit you don’t need.
The banks sell it as a competition with the best scores as true Americans(with more in debt than worth)
I destroyed my credit and it was a lot more fun than trying to fix it.

If you ever were concerned about your privacy, and checked you credit score you are an idiot, and should check “your facebook” because you are doomed.

If you eliminate the shylocks from your life and just use your skills to grow, make, cook, or repair , not for money but barter you will not only eliminate the banks, but support your community. There is no need for marketing(spam) your product will market it self ( if worth it)

I offered my creditors half of the balance as settlement never mentioning a lump sum with payment to follow the receipt of a current invoice reflecting the new balance and then resumed to pay the agreed monthly amount. (they were pissed)

I do all my business with small companies and avoid bozo and bay